Neve Marvill to be England’s co-captain ahead of Copenhagen Invitational Tournament

Neve Marvill - England Co-captain - Basketball

Yet more good news is pouring into the club this off-season. Congratulations to Neve Marvill, who has not only been selected to represent England in the Copenhagen Invitational Tournament, she’s also been named co-captain!

Coach Charlie Ford says her success is well deserved:

“I’m so incredibly pleased for Neve. This achievement is proof that if you are willing to put in the hours of graft and hard work that you eventually get what you wan”’

“What most people won’t know is that Neve has had this in her sights for the last four years and has missed out on National Team selection on two occasions.

“This disappointment only fuelled her to work harder so for her to finally achieve selection and be named Co-Captain is a proud day for Derby Trailblazers, so well done Neve!”

We wish Neve and her teammates the best of luck during the Copenhagen Invitational Tournament.

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