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Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with some great local businesses around Derby, who have either volunteered their time, resources or money to help support the club continue to operate, grow and most importantly thrive. As a club that wished to remain an integral part of the community, we are extremely grateful for the strong working relationships we have developed with out sponsors and look forward to furthering that in the years to come. Below you will find all of current sponsors proudly on display.

Become a club sponsor and help us continue to thrive

Interested in supporting Derby Trailblazers? We’re always keen to work with new businesses to help grow Derby’s number 1 basketball club. If you think you’d like to support the club we’d love to have you onboard as a club sponsor! Please get in touch via or email at or our contact page to discuss the various packages we have available.

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